TUCS publications project documentation

This documentation aims to explain the main concepts and functionality of the TUCS publications tools.

User interface


The graph can be shown in the following five modes:

The radial links represent collaborations with authors outside UTU and ÅAU. In the single mode, they can also represent collaborations between authors who have collaborated with the centered author, and authors who have not.

Number of publications labels

At the top of the graph, the total number of publications is shown, as well as how many of these included authors from UTU, and how many included authors from ÅAU.

In the university mode, numbers are shown next to the link representing the number of author-to-author collaborations between the universities, or between one of the universities and external entities.

Number of publications graph

At the bottom of the graph, a graph showing the number of publications per year is shown. By hovering over a point, the number it represents will be shown.

In some modes, two lines will be shown. The higher line represents the number of publications in the selected year, and the lower line shows how many of these were collaborations between UTU and ÅAU. Note: In this case, the scale is logarithmic.

This graph can be hidden or shown by clicking on it.



The slider controls the year for which the graph is created.


The play/pause button allows user to auto-play the graph animation from year to year.


The back/next buttons move the slider one year forward, or one year back.

All years

If in the single mode, a graph centered around a single author will be displayed, with data included from the whole slider interval.

In any other mode, a graph will all authors from all years will be displayed.


Groups by university/department/laboratory/author respectively.

Search field

The search field can be used to search for authors from UTU or ÅAU who have had published papers during the available years. The field shows a list of suggestions, if any, once a couple letters have been entered. By clicking on an author, or selecting it with the arrow keys and pressing enter, the graph will switch to single mode centered around that author.

By hovering over a name, the particular author will be highlighted in the current graph, if that author has had published papers during the selected year.


The data used for making the graphs originates from the TUCS database. Only authors who have had published papers in 1994 or later, and that worked at UTU or ÅAU at the time, will be visible in the graph.

Not all data is complete, and it is therefore possible that some figures are slightly incorrect, and that authors do not appear where they are supposed to, or not at all. Work is continuously done to improve the correctness of the data.