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The international role of TUCS has been strenghtened by developing and increasing the number of joint actions with different partners. TUCS has especially developed co-operation within the Nordic countries, with other EU countries and with China. TUCS is, together with Turku School of Economics, developing the Turku Innovation Platform - a science and technology transfer and innovation system including integrating innovation and entrepreneurship to ICT education at M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels.

In addition to the joint co-operation mentioned below, individual research groups have extensive networks of co-operation and interaction with their foreign peers in education, research, and individual exchanges of researchers and students. These are not listed here due to lack of space.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

TUCS is an affiliate partner in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT ICT Labs through co-operation with Aalto University. Co-operation both with Aalto organized doctoral programs as well as with KTH organized doctoral programs in Stockholm has been identified both in technology and science and as co-operation in integrating the innovation and entrepreneurship components to doctoral studies (already piloted as co-operation between TUCS and KTH). TUCS is actively involved in preparation of the EIT ICT Labs education agenda.

EIT ICT Labs is one of the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as an initiative of the European Union. EIT ICT Labs’ mission is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.

Since 2010, EIT ICT Labs has consistently brought together researchers, academics and business people. By linking education, research and business, EIT ICT Labs empowers ICT top talents for the future and brings ICT innovations to life. EIT ICT Labs’ partners represent global companies, leading research centres, and top ranked universities in the field of ICT.

More information on EIT ICT Labs: http://www.eitictlabs.eu/

TUCS is also a partner in the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School. Students of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University have the possibility to apply to the Doctoral School and after fully complying with the requirements of the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School receive on top of the doctoral degree, awarded by the host university, the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School on ICT Innovation certificate.

More information on the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School and how to apply to it:



European Educational Forum (EEF)

TUCS is a member of the European Educational Forum (EEF), a joint initiative of seven interuniversitary research schools in computer science.

EEF involves 43 universities in Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. The common denominator of the research schools is the training of Ph.D. students and young researchers. The aim of the EEF is to organize training activities directed at Ph.D. students and young researchers from all over Europe. The research in computer science promoted by all research schools concerns Basic Research and its Applications.

It is the intention of the EEF to organize educational training activities covering a broad spectrum of Basic Research and Applications. The form of the activities may vary a lot: it may take form of a workshop, a school, a topic-focussed conference or a conference presenting a number of topics that are relevant in Basic Research and Applications at the given moment.


TUCS has been involved in two EU Erasmus Mundus External Co-operation Window Programmes and is currently involved in two Erasmus Mundus Action 2 application.

TUCS is a member of EU funded Networks-of-Excellence (e.g. Artist Design NoE), Joint Technology Initiatives (like Artemisia), and EU projects.

TUCS has been a partner (along 14 other groups) in the European project MolCoNet (Molecular Computing Network; IST FWP5, 2002-2004).


TUCS has a strategic co-operation with Zhejiang University and Fudan University in China as part of EU Asia Link Programme. Furthermore TUCS is supporting and co-operating with the Estonian national graduate school on ICT.

The eBEREA (The electronic business research by Euro-Asian Collaboration) aims to set up a thematic joint exchange programme dedicated to advance research and higher education in the fields of electronic business (eBusiness) in EU and China. The programme will reinforce existing research collaboration through seconding and hosting researchers. The aim is to actively transfer knowledge with a view to generating strategic impacts in the thematic research area as well as developing sustainable collaboration between EU and China in research and in education.