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Publishing in the TUCS Publication Series

The TUCS publication series are open for all researchers affiliated with TUCS, or with the participating departments in TUCS. Each paper has to be approved by the leader of the TUCS Research Unit in which the work has been done, or by a professor of a department belonging to TUCS.

To initiate the publication process, you should send an e-mail to Mikhail Barash (mikbar@utu.fi), stating:

Specific instructions



All publications in the TUCS series are no longer printed on paper at all. This is to help save the environment as well as to follow the times with digital publication. TUCS strongly wishes that all authors for the TUCS series would allow for the publication of the work in the Doria service of The National Library of Finland, where we seek to publish all publications appearing in the TUCS series.


TUCS does not automatically claim any copyright for the publications. In the case of TUCS Dissertations, General Publication series, National Publication series, and Lecture Notes, we ask the authors to sign an agreement to allow us to distribute the digital copy. The author keeps the full copyright for the paper, and is thus free to transfer the copyright to a publisher if the paper is accepted for publication elsewhere.


You can download a template here for preparing your publication. You can also clone some of the templates from GitHub. Just click the GitHub logo next to the template download link to find the repository. In GitHub you can contribute your own possible improvements of the template for future users. We also update these improvements to the packages that are directly downloadable here.

Styles for Technical Reports

LaTeX style (with instructions): tucsreport_2015.zip (980 KB)
PDFLaTeX style: tucsreport2015pdflatex.zip (30 KB)

MS Word Style:
2007_tucs_tr_template.dot (479 KB) | 2007_tucs_tr_template.doc (479 KB)
word_tucs_tr_template.dotx (459 KB) | word_tucs_tr_template.docx (460 KB)

Styles for Dissertations

LaTeX Style: tucsdiss_latex_2007.zip (827.6 KB)

MS Word Style:
tucsdiss_word_2007.doc (213 KB)
tucsdiss_word.docx (208 KB)