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Format of TUCS Dissertations

The format of the dissertations should follow the TUCS Publication Series document format, which means that the thesis should follow these guidelines:

Publishing the Thesis

  1. Contact TUCS at early stage, so that we can help you with stylistic issues already well early in time. About two months before the defence would be a good time. The person to contact currently is .
  2. If your thesis is an collection of articles, you need to deliver TUCS documents showing that you have the right to republish the articles. Foremostly look into getting the permissions for republication through paper print. Currently, free digital publication (like how TUCS promotes through the Finnish National Library provided service ) is relatively new and many publishers are yet to have decided on their attitude towards them. Due this, TUCS, like the University of Turku have agreed that the digital version of the thesis may be printed without all the articles, at it's minimum only including the introduction section, as long as the complete reference information is included. However, there's value in having your thesis digitally available as a whole, so we encourage you to try and receive republications permissions for as many articles as possible in your thesis with sufficient rights for them to be a part of your digital version of the thesis that is freely downloadable by anyone. This may require sending e-mails to the publishers, instead of submitting the standard web forms they offer and this may be impossible, if you have a tight schedule for publishing your thesis.
  3. Once you have the printing permission from the faculty, TUCS will issue your thesis a number for the TUCS Dissertations series and will acquire the necessary ISBNs. At this point, the exact title and the exact format of the author's name on the thesis should be locked. Please, inform TUCS of the exact date upon which you received your printing permission.
  4. You should deliver the final version of the content 4 weeks before the defence. TUCS will ask for offers from printing companies and deliver the material. All material must be as PDF-files with no restrictions in the file.
  5. Doria publication agreement is signed between the student and TUCS. After signing, a copy is delivered for publication at . For University of Turku it is elementary that this is done 10 days before the defence!
  6. For Åbo Akademi University students 150 pieces of paper copies are printed and for University of Turku 100 pieces. Two special copies are printed for the student and the opponent. For University of Turku, the digital publication is required. 10 days before the defence a given number of paper copies are to be delivered at certain locations at the involved university. For both universities, also the digital version has to be published at this time in the Doria-service.
  7. For Åbo Akademi students, TUCS delivers on their behalf a request to that will pay the paper printing of the thesis.

Please, let us know who is the custos in your defence, so we can include this information in the announcements of the disputation. Also for students of Åbo Akademi, we require the date upon which you were granted the printing permission for your thesis by the university.

TUCS requires five paper copies in addition to the other required distribution by the universities. One of these copies is archived permanently and another is placed in the collection. Three remaining are delivered to Åbo Akademi Library for their archive as they provide with the ISBNs.

It is possible for extra copies to be placed in the same order. The printing house will give the author a separate bill. Here you will save the initial costs of printing the books and it is also cheaper, as the cost per book for 100+n copies is less than the cost per book for n copies.

Note! Exceeding the timelimits in boldface above may lead into your thesis not being ready for distribution in the time demanded by your faculty. This may lead to your defence not being approved by your faculty.

It is safer to be early than late. Do not schedule your defence too close to the faculty meeting that decides on your printing permission.

University of Turku, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences require 13 copies of your thesis delivered to them 10 days before the defence. The Library requires 4 copies and the Student Services 4 copies. The 6 copies to the National Library Freecopy Archives are delivered by the printing companies and not included in the 100 copies you receive.

Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Technology require 6-12 copies of your thesis delivered to them 10 days before the defence. The Technical services require 26 copies and the Library 60 copies. The 6 copies to the National Library Freecopy Archives are delivered by the printing companies and not included in the 150 copies you receive.