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Past events

  • CS Symposium 2018
    The Annual Symposium of CS in Finland 2018 is arranged this year in cooperation by TUCS, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi and Finnish CS Society. If you are interested in the latest research in the field, welcome!

  • Bioinformatics Day
    Finnish Society for Bioinformatics is arranging a yearly Bioinformatics day.

  • TUCS Short Course
    TUCS is hosting a short course on "Managing fuzziness in information systems" (2 ECTS) given by Dr. Miroslav Hudec (University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia).

  • TUCS Short Course
    TUCS is organizing a short course on "Networks of Polarized Evolutionary Processors" (2 ECTS, 8 hours) given by Dr. Stefan Popescu (University of Bucharest, Romania).

    The dates and times of the lectures are as follows:
    - Tuesday 23.5.2017 at 12 - 16, in auditorium 110A (Agora)
    - Wednesday 24.5.2017 at 12 - 16, in auditorium 110A (Agora)

    Registration takes place during the first session on Tuesday, 23.5.2017.

  • Guest Lecture
    On Friday, March 17th, 2017, Prof. Antonio Augusto Fröhlich (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) will give a guest lecture titled: "A Safer Internet of Cyber-Physical Things".

    The talk will be given at 12:15 in meeting rooms Mänty and Honka, Agora building (4th floor).

  • TUCS Seminar
    On Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, Docent Patrick Sibelius (Åbo Akademi University) will given a TUCS Seminar talk entitled "There is no Model Theory for Formal Arithmetic".

  • Defence of Doctoral Thesis
    On Friday, December 16th, TUCS GP Student Abayomi Baiyere presents his Doctoral thesis “Discovering the role of IT in Disruptive Innovations - Enabler, Sustainer or Barrier?" for public criticism. The opponent of M.Sc. Baiyere is Professor Emeritus Piet Ribbers, Tilburg University, Netherlands. Professor Hannu Salmela will act as custos in this public defence.

    Place: Lecture Hall 16, Turku School of Economics (Rehtorinpellonkatu 3)
    Time: 12 noon

    You can download the thesis at https://www.doria.fi/handle/10024/129868


  • Salomaa Biography
    The biography of Arto Salomaa: "Arto Salomaa: Äijän näköinen matemaatikko" was launched on June 16, 2017 at 17.30 in lecture hall XVII in the Quantum building of the University of Turku.
  • Blockchain seminar series
    TUCS is organising a new seminar series on the novel rapidly emerging field called Blockchain, and on its applications.
  • TUCS Seminar
    This spring, TUCS is hosting a seminar on "Thinking and computing: machines and humans", organized jointly by Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History and Political Science of University of Turku.
  • TUCS Short Courses Call
    TUCS Short Course funding application round is opened, with the deadline on Friday, 6.11.2015.

    Funding application should contain the following information:
    • course description / contents
    • components
    • amount of credits
    • times and lecture halls
    • name of the contact person for the course
    • name of the lecturer (if not the same as the contact person)
    • budget for the course (accommodation, fees etc.)

  • Gaddpriset to Johan Lilius
    We are glad to announce that Professor Johan Lilius (Abo Akademi University, leader of the TUCS Embedded Systems Laboratory and former director of TUCS) was awarded the "Gaddpriset 2015" at the Abo Akademi Research Day 23.10.2015 by Chancellor Prof. Ulrika Wolf-Knuts.

    The "Gaddpriset", named after the first professor in chemistry at Abo Akademi Pehr Adrian Gadd, is awarded within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • PoDoCo matchmaking
    Post Docs in Companies (PoDoCo) matchmaking event on August 27th at Open Innovation House, Espoo. Now it is time to bring companies and Post docs together!

    Fill in your PoDoCo Post Doc profile here and register to the event here. Registration to the event should be done latest on August 21st.

  • Google Calendar updated
    We have now updated the Fall 2015 courses in the TUCS Courses Google Calendar.