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PostScript files

Many older publications from TUCS are available on the World Wide Web in PostScript (.ps) format. Newer publications are generally available in Adobe Portable Document (.pdf) format.

PostScript files

The PostScript language, by Adobe, is a programming language designed for describing documents. Most modern printers understand the PostScript language, i.e. they have a PostScript interpreter built into them. When a printer receives a PostScript file, it executes the program and as a result a document is printed. PostScript files normally have the extension .ps.

Viewing PostScript files

You can view a PostScript document on your screen without printing it. To do this, you need to install a PostScript viewer, i.e. a program that can interpret PostScript code and present the resulting document on your screen. A widely used (public domain) PostScript interpreter for Unix, Windows and Macintosh computers is Ghostscript.