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EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School

EIT ICT Labs, Innovation & Entrepreneurship education for PhD students, http://doctoralschool.eitictlabs.eu

Enrich your doctoral degree with an Innovation and Entrepreneurship skills and mind-set! After completing the program, participants will be commercially aware research leaders who understand current and future challenges, as well as the opportunities that these present to industry. To achieve this goal, the program concept provides standardized I&E education that complements the ordinary doctoral studies.

On top of the doctoral degree, awarded by the host university, according to their local or national regulations, the EIT ICT Labs will award a certificate. Doctoral candidates that fully comply with the requirements of the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School will receive the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School on ICT Innovation certificate.

Application Procedure

When to apply?

There are about three application rounds per year. The next application period will take place from June 2013 to mid-August 2013. The final application period for 2013 will be set up in October 2013.

Who can apply?

As a doctoral student, you must already be enrolled at a Higher Education Institutional partner, a university or educational institute with doctorate granting right. Your application is evaluated with respect to the admission requirements. Partner universities in Finland: Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Åbo Academy, University of Turku, University of Oulu. Students from other universities, please contact doctoral school office: doctoralschool@eitictlabs.eu

Applications are selected based on their Curriculum Vitae, motivation, endorsement and recommendation letters with regards to excellence of the applicants, linkage to the EIT ICT Labs thematic areas, balanced admission policy between the higher education institute partners and budget availability.

The selection is proposed to the EIT ICT Labs Management Committee for decision.

How to apply?

Your application must contain the following:

  1. A web application that is opened to collect the applications. Please visit: http://doctoralschool.eitictlabs.eu/application/
  2. Required documents:
    • A Curriculum Vitae including details about your academic and professional career, your thesis subject and a rough estimation of the defense date.
    • A copy of your passport or other kind of identification in English.
    • A letter of motivation – describing the subject of your thesis, how it is linked to EIT ICT Labs goals, and your views on how this I&E education may support your future academic or business-oriented career.
    • A letter of endorsement from your adviser, which must:
      • state that you are officially enrolled at the higher education institute as a doctoral student
      • explicitly allow you to enter the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School on ICT Innovation,
      • ensure the existence of proper funding for the total expected duration of your doctoral studies,
      • assess your proficiency in English,
      • ensure that the adviser will organise the requirement of six months of geographical mobility.

If you apply concurrently to a DTC then, an approval letter from the DTC manager. A letter from the administrative contact person of the higher education institute, proving enrollment with this partner organisation and ensuring that your I&E education will be organised.

Letters of recommendation (from earlier professors or recent employers) assessing your entrepreneurial potential, the linkage of your thesis subject with EIT ICT Labs thematic areas and the expected benefits for EIT ICT Labs partners.