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Analysis of Mobile Pre-Payment (Pay in Advance) and Post-Payment (Pay Later) Services

Francisco-Jose Molina-Castillo, Alicia Rodriguez-Guirao, Carolina Lopez-Nicolas, Harry Bouwman, Analysis of Mobile Pre-Payment (Pay in Advance) and Post-Payment (Pay Later) Services. International Journal of Mobile Communications 14(5), 499–517, 2016.



The diffusion of mobile payments (M-payments) is still in its early stages and further research is needed to understand what motivates or restricts people's behaviour when using mobile services. Based on a sample of Dutch mobile service users, this study analyses the antecedents of two types of M-payments, those that take place before a product is acquired (pre-payment services) and those that take place at the same time or immediately after the product is acquired (post-payment services). We identified a number of reasons why mobile services have not yet found a place in people's daily routines and provide recommendations for the development of future M-payments.

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