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Towards User-Intuitive Web Interface Sign Design and Evaluation

Muhammad Nazrul Islam, Harry Bouwman, Towards User-Intuitive Web Interface Sign Design and Evaluation. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 86, 121–137, 2016.



Although signs like navigation links, small images, buttons and thumbnails are important elements of web user interfaces, they are often poorly understood. Based on data gathered over a 3-year period (2011–2013) making use of observations in a usability testing lab, by expert review and by structured and semi-structured interviewing users, we developed a Semiotic Interface sign Design and Evaluation (SIDE) framework, consisting of five semiotic layers: syntactic, pragmatic, social, environment and semantic. The framework includes an extended set of determinants and heuristics, based on four empirical studies that help practitioners design and evaluate intuitive interface signs that can be accurately interpreted by users with less effort.

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