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National Software Industry Survey 2008: The Finnish Software Industry in 2007

Mikko Rönkkö, Olli-Pekka Mutanen, Nina Koivisto, Jukka Ylitalo, Juhana Peltonen, Anne-Marie Touru, Sami Hyrynsalmi, Pia Poikonen, Olli Junna, Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö, Aku Valtakoski, Ye Huang, Jussi Kantola, National Software Industry Survey 2008: The Finnish Software Industry in 2007. Helsinki University of Technology, 2008.


This report presents the results of the eleventh annual National Software Industry Survey. During
2008, the development work started in 2007 to improve the overall quality and coverage of the
study was continued. The most visible results of this work are restructuring of our report,
making better use of the data across years, and last but perhaps most importantly by extending
the coverage of the survey from software product businesses to the entire software industry.
These changes in the project created some challenges that the reader should be made aware
of. First, as the sampling strategy was changed to cover the whole industry better, some of the
differences in descriptive statistics presented reflect changes in the way the sample was chosen
instead of real changes in the industry. Previously the survey covered only software product
firms, but this year first attempt was made to also systematically cover software firms that do
not produce software products. This, as well as more rigorous data collection procedures, resulted
in almost doubling the amount of respondents compared to the previous year. The impacts of
these changes will be discussed through the report. Our second caveat to the reader is that while
the non-product firms are addressed in the report, the coverage of these firms in our survey is
not as good as that of product firms. As a consequence, the results relating to non-product firms
should be considered as indicative but not necessarily accurate.
During the 2008 survey project, we collected also data related to software development in
other industry contexts. However, there were several setbacks while collecting the data and due
to this the publishing of the final version of this report was delayed.
Finally, we wish to thank all sponsors and other parties that have helped us to do our research
and compile this report. This year’s run of the National Software Industry Survey has been both
the best and most difficult in the history of the project.
The 2008 report is organized into four chapters. The first chapter gives an overview of the
industry while and the second reports the main results of the survey characterizing the industry.
The two subsequent chapters present the findings of two main research themes: growth and
internationalization at the firm level.

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