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Turku Centre for Computer Science, Annual Report 2012

Irmeli Laine, Johan Lilius, Tomi Mäntylä, Ion Petre, Outi Tuohi, Ilona Tuominen, Turku Centre for Computer Science, Annual Report 2012. TUCS General Publication 58, TUCS, 2013.


2012 was a year of strategic changes for TUCS. Throughout the history of TUCS, the doctoral programs have played a major role as TUCS activities. The doctoral education at the participating universities is currently going through a major change due to a fundamental reorganization in the national structure of doctoral education. The TUCS community decided to continue the established collaboration between two universities and three fields of IT education: science, business, and technology. Plans for reorganizing TUCS activities within the new structure of doctoral education are currently being formed jointly by the participating departments. This calls not only for reorganizing the existing programs but also for extending the scope of TUCS-affiliated doctoral programs.

International activities have been characteristic to TUCS since its inception. The number of international PhD and MSc students remains high and today, our research and teaching collaboration at an institutional level is more active than ever. Especially, TUCS is now actively participating in European collaboration through EIT ICT Labs Master’s and Doctoral School.

To further enhance the role of TUCS in the scientific activities within the community, the Board decided to develop TUCS towards a research center. This was manifested in the introduction of four thematic research programs. To promote activities within the programs, a budget for supporting research coordination and organizing various events was set up. To increase our worldclass educational supply, TUCS Distinguished Lecture Series was introduced. These ideas have been warmly received among the TUCS community and the activities have started well at all the three major higher education institutes in Turku.

It seems that despite the major changes, the very idea behind TUCS is very much alive. Our challenge is to maintain innovative thinking and keep updating that idea according to the developments in our operational environment.


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