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Wicked yet Empowering: When IT Innovations are Disruptive Innovations

Abayomi Baiyere, Hannu Salmela, Wicked yet Empowering: When IT Innovations are Disruptive Innovations. In: Exploring the Information Frontie, 1–15, AIS Electronic Library, 2015.


What happens when an IT innovation is also a disruptive innovation? This study
explores this question by examining sample cases of advances in IT that have also been
categorized as disruptive innovations. The study leads to a conceptual thesis that such
occurrences result in a contrasting duality dimension of wicked challenges and
empowerment opportunities for different actors. We advance a model for positioning an
IT innovation with disruptive tendencies in an impact quadrant to access its relative
position to different actors. We observe that in an era characterized by continuous rapid
advancement in IT, the tendency for the emergence of disruptive IT innovations
increases. We therefore conclude by highlighting trends in this direction and advance
future research agenda that should open up an opportunity for IS research that could be
both theoretically insightful as well as practically relevant.


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