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Differing Ways that Computing Academics Understand Teaching.

Raymond Lister, Anders Berglund, Ilona Box, Chris Cope, Arnold Pears, Chris Avram, Matt Bower, Angela Carbone, Bill Davey, Michael de Raadt, Bernard Doyle, Sue Fitzgerald, Linda Mannila, Cat Kutay, Mia Peltomäki, Judy Sheard, Simon,, Ken Sutton, Des Traynor, Jodi Tutty, Anne Venables, Differing Ways that Computing Academics Understand Teaching.. In: Proceedings of the Ninth Australasian Conference on Computing Education , 97–106, Australian Computer Society, Inc. , 2007.


This paper presents first results from a wide-ranging phenomenographic study of computing academics' understanding of teaching. These first results focus upon four areas: the role of lab practical sessions, the experience of teaching success, conceptions of motivating and engaging students, and the granularity of the teacher's focus. The findings are comparable with prior work on the understandings of academics in other disciplines. This study was started as part of a workshop on phenomenography. Most participants at the workshop received their first training in phenomenography. This paper summarises the structure of the workshop.

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