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Effects of Collaboration in Program Visualization

Teemu Rajala, Erkki Kaila, Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Tapio Salakoski, Effects of Collaboration in Program Visualization. In: Proceedings of 2009 Technology Enhanced Learning Conference (TELearn 2009), 2009.


Program visualization is a method shown to be beneficial in supporting programming
learning. In this paper we study the effects of student collaboration on learning basic
programming concepts with a program visualization tool called ViLLE. Students participated
in a two hour computer lab session, during which they first answered to a pre-test, then
rehearsed programming with ViLLE, and finally answered to a post-test. Students were
divided into two groups: in the other group students studied alone, and in the other in pairs.
The results show that all students learned significantly during the session, and that the
students working in pairs learned significantly better than students working alone. Thus, it
seems that the learning effects of program visualization can be enhanced with collaboration
and the effect is greater in tougher questions related to functions and parameter passing.

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