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One Dimensional DNA Tiles Self Assembly Model Simulation

Alexandru Amarioarei, Gefry Barad, Elena Czeizler, Eugen Czeizler, Ana-Maria Dobre, Corina Itcus, Andrei Paun, Mihaela Paun, Trandafir Romica, Iris Tusa, One Dimensional DNA Tiles Self Assembly Model Simulation. International Journal of Unconventional Computing 13(4-5), 399 – 415, 2018.


The TAM (Model Tile Assembly Model) is a mathematical paradigm for modeling DNA self-assembling according to various given shapes, using DNA-tiles (rectangular shape) with sticky ends on each of the four edges that bound together on various shapes desired by the researcher. Although there are various models in the literature, the focus in this manuscript is on a rule based model, specifically the authors present an overview of the one-dimensional hierarchical self-assembly model of DNA tiles. The authors also present the evolution of number of tiles in partial assemblies, the average assembly size and of the number of partial assemblies of sizes 2 through 10 over the total running time. All simulations were run using the NFSim simulator on a preset period of time.

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