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3D DNA Origami Map Structure Simulation

Corina Itcus, Alecsandru Amarioarei, Eugen Czeizler, Ana-Maria Dobre, Victor Mitrana, Florentina Negre, Andrei Paun, Mihaela Paun, Manuela Sidoroff, Romica Trandafir, Iris Tusa, 3D DNA Origami Map Structure Simulation. Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology (ROMJIST) 21(3), 249 – 255, 2018.


This paper presents the latest trends and approaches used for constructing nanoscale structures of 2D objects through DNA folding based on the DNA origami technology developed by Rothemund. The Rothemund method has been used in the construction of various shapes, such as the development of the nanoscale structure for the United States map. Following the steps of Rothemund's technique, we simulate the construction of the Romanian map nanoscale 2D structure, embedding the number 100 into it

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Belongs to TUCS Research Unit(s): Computational Biomodeling Laboratory (Combio Lab)

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