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Applying an Authentic, Dynamic Learning Environment in Real World Business

Timo Lainema, Sami Nurmi, Applying an Authentic, Dynamic Learning Environment in Real World Business. Computers and Education 47(1), 94–115, 2006.


This paper describes a dynamic computer-based business learning environment and the results from applying it in a real-world business organization. We argue for using learning tools, which not only provide realistic and complex models of reality, but are also are authentic, facilitate continuous problem solving and meaningful learning, and embed learning in social experience. We describe a continuously processed business simulation game, which differs from the majority of business games in the way it is processed. Two company in-house training sessions are then introduced. In these sessions the learning environment was configured to describe the real-world environment of the case company. The empirical part of the paper analyses the findings from these in-house training sessions. We conclude that dynamicity and interactivity of the business learning tool are valuable characteristics if we want to be able to authentically represent the complex, causal, time-bound nature of business organizations.

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