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On the Periodicity of Morphic Words

Vesa Halava, Tero Harju, Tomi Kärki, Michel Rigo (Eds.), On the Periodicity of Morphic Words , Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6224, Springer-Verlag, 2010.


Given a morphism h prolongable on a and an integer p, we present
an algorithm that calculates which letters occur infinitely often in congruent positions modulo p in the infinite word h^ω(a).
As a corollary, we show that it is decidable whether
a morphic word is ultimately p-periodic.
Moreover, using our algorithm we can find the smallest similarity
relation such that the morphic word is ultimately
relationally p-periodic. The problem of deciding whether
an automatic sequence is ultimately weakly R-periodic
is also shown to be decidable.

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