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Unveiling Dynamics and Complexity

Jarkko Kari, Florin Manea, Ion Petre (Eds.), Unveiling Dynamics and Complexity, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10307, Springer, 2017.


The conference Computability in Europe (CiE) is organised yearly under the auspices of the Association CiE, a European association of mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, philosophers, physicists and others interested in new developments in computability and their underlying significance for the real world. CiE promotes the development of computability-related science, ranging from mathematics, computer science and applications in various natural and engineering sciences, such as physics and biology, as well as related fields, such as philosophy and history of computing. CiE 2017 had as motto Unveiling Dynamics and Complexity, emphasising in this way two important broad research directions within the CiE community.

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