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Contextual Aspects in Enterprise Integration

Jacco Schoonewille, Harry Bouwman (Eds.), Contextual Aspects in Enterprise Integration, IEEE, 2012.


The aim of this research is to determine the impact of contextual aspects in an Enterprise Integration (EI) process. The paper focuses on two cases where Information Systems (IS) are implemented within a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) context. The implementation is affected by various cultural issues and conflicting organizational interests, both of which include aspects like communication, management and alignment. The effect of these aspects on the implementation and adoption of IS within the context of M&A's are unclear and need further analysis. This paper looks at the role of issues regarding business and IT before the start of an EI/M&A process, illustrating that contextual aspects have an impact on EI processes that are initiated from an overall M&A integration effort and demonstrating the relevance of assessing contextual aspects and the importance to management of being aware of these aspects when defining integration policies and, in doing so, providing insight to academics by shedding light on contextual aspects and helping practitioners improve the preparation of EI/M&A processes.

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