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Packaging of IT Services – Conceptual and Empirical Studies

Petteri Kaitovaara, Packaging of IT Services – Conceptual and Empirical Studies. TUCS Dissertations 52. Turku Centre for Computer Science, 2004.


<br>The concept of information technology (IT) service is used both broadly and vaguely. It refers to a service that emphasizes person-intensiveness or technology-intensiveness. However, the usability of the concept has been weakened because of its vagueness. This specific field can no longer be ignored when examining the modern field of service. The packaging of IT services helps the IT service providers in analyzing, systematizing, and rationalizing their existing operations. The service providers can create added value for the customers’ processes with focused and repeatable IT service products. Customers benefit from the approach, since the IT service products are easy-to-acquire entities.

<br>The purpose of this thesis is to understand and make sense of the packaging of IT services. There is an intention to understand the approach through three empirical studies. First, there is an attempt to construct and define a concept of IT services. This central concept has been approached with an interpretation of what constitutes services in literature. Exploring the relevant related approaches of services packaging and how services are packaged are significant in the packaging of IT services.

<br>This thesis is divided into four major parts: the introduction, the theoretical basis of the research, the empirical part, and the research combination, which contains the chapters of the packaging of IT services as well as discussion and conclusions. The original detailed cases are available for the readers at the end of the thesis. Each research case appendix is written to stand on its own.

<br>The study is premised on a constructive, theory generating, deductive, descriptive, interpretive, and qualitative philosophy. It is operationalized through methods of case study research and action research.

<br>Principles of the packaging of IT services have been created with the theoretical and empirical part. The IT services of the empirical studies have been packaged into IT service products. The IT services framework and taxonomy have been constructed. The taxonomy can be applied as an analytical lens, which outlines the research target extensively. In addition, the thesis has enlarged the concept of the IT service product. This thesis has also illustrated the usefulness of the approach to the IT service provider and the customer.

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