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Food-Related Gamification: Literature Review

Kaisa Könnölä, Tuomas Ranti, Tapani N. Liukkonen, Tuomas Mäkilä, Food-Related Gamification: Literature Review. In: Game-on'2016: 17th International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation, 2016.


Food-related games and gamified services is an area that has still received relatively little attention in scientific research. In our literature review, we find that the scientific literature in this domain examines the phenomenon from the point of view of marketing, educative purposes for healthier living, and specific illnesses. Particular topics often being in the focus are weight management for children and advergaming as a promotional channel towards young people. Commonly, studies conclude that gamification has an effect in bringing a change in the behavior of the targeted user. However, the studies are currently able to present results based only on short-term empirical experiments or the experiments are even missing. In order to receive more reliable data about the true effectiveness of gamification, longer-term experiments would be needed.

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