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TUCS Distinguished Lecture on 26.2.: Kaj Arnö

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 15.00

The lecture was recorded and streamed through Bambuser. The recording can be watched here.

ICT Building, Auditorium Alpha
Coffee served from 14:30

Click here for the video on Bambuser

Kaj Arnö, SkySQL Ab: "World class IT from Finland: Lessons from MySQL AB"

Host: Jerker Björkqvist, Åbo Akademi University

Abstract: Why does Linux, MySQL, IRC, ssh and other world-class Open Source software originate from Finland? Is there something special about Finnish IT know-how, attitudes, values -- and if so, what? Does Finland have a specific academic atmosphere that forms the background to Finnish IT successes? In his presentation, Kaj shares some lessons from the MySQL AB saga, including his views on the role of social media in technology development. What is the take-away of MySQL AB for today's students, when planning for the future?

Biography: Kaj Arnö is a serial entrepreneur and was part of the core team behind MySQL AB, the Scandinavian IT company which was sold for a billion dollars to Sun Microsystems in 2008. Kaj joined the management team in 2001, and served as VP of Services, VP of Engineering and VP of Community Relations. Kaj stayed with Sun as MySQL Ambassador and when Oracle bought Sun, he co-founded SkySQL Ab, leading Marketing and Engineering as Executive VP Products. Beyond IT, Kaj has held speeches and blogged in over a dozen languages and pioneered a number of Social Media communities in Finland. He is a business publication columnist, photographer, climber, kayaker, mountain biker and seven time marathon runner, spreading his running philosophy as "Runnism, the religion of running". Kaj has been based in Munich, Germany since 2006.

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