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Advanced Sensor Networking (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Ethiopia Nigussie

Course code: DTEK2012

Learning outcomes:
After this course the students have hands-on skills in implementing sensor network applications in addition to sensor network programming and reconfigurable gateway design. They also have expert understanding in real-time monitoring of remote systems. Students of the course learn in practice how to participate effectively in an international design project as a team member.

Topics covered include sensor network and robot programming, protocol implementation, and gateway design. The course is run in co-operation with Uppsala University [SE]. The Turku-based students will form design teams with students from Uppsala University. The teams will elect leaders, allocate tasks for each member, have team meetings using Internet services such as IRC and VoIP, and present their status every 1-2 weeks to an instructor from one of the participating universities using Internet resources. Students can choose from a number of listed applications and form a group. The team is responsible to specify, design and implement the sensor network application along with remote monitoring through the Internet using a gateway. The sensor network application must contain static nodes, LEGO mindstorms robot which serves as a mobile node, and a gateway. At the end of the course the teams are expected to demonstrate a fully functional sensor network application which can be monitored remotely. In addition to the technical learning content of the course, another important learning aspect is to gain practical experience in dealing with issues that arise in carrying out an international design project, including cultural differences between participants from different countries.

Project work, final seminar presentation (including functional demonstration)



  1. Mon 5.3.–23.4. weekly at 12–14, 110C, Agora
  2. Fri 9.3.–27.4. weekly at 10–12, 110C, Agora