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Applications of Data Analysis (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Tapio Pahikkala

Course code: TKO_2096

Learning outcomes:
After learning about fundamental data analysis techniques from courses such as Data analysis and knowledge discovery (TKO_3103), this course provides the student necessary tools for applying these techniques to solving real-world problems occurring in different application domains.

Modern data analysis techniques provide invaluable tools for a wide range of application areas, including but not limited to areas such as image recognition, biological data analysis, targeted advertising, geoinformatics, natural language processing, process control in manufacturing etc. This course provides both an overview of, as well as practical solutions for effective application of data analysis techniques for a number of such areas. Central questions include how to model different application problems as data analysis tasks, how to generate feature representations or similarity measures for data with different characteristics, and how to evaluate the quality of the developed models.



  1. Mon 8.1.–26.2. weekly at 12–14, Aud XXI, Agora
  2. Tue 9.1.–27.2. weekly at 14–16, 110C, Agora