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Bioinformatics Methods (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Martti Tolvanen

Course code: BIOI4464

Learning outcomes:
After completing this course the student can: find, retrieve and analyze data from major bioinformatic databases, evaluating critically the results; conduct and understand searches based on DNA and protein sequence similarity; construct multiple sequence alignments; and describe the meaning of background/reference gene sets in enrichment analysis. Additionally, the student can infer phylogenetic relationships by constructing phylogenetic trees from sequence alignments and explain the limitations of phylogenetic tree construction.

A general introduction to key areas of bioinformatics: bioinformatic databases, genomics, DNA and protein sequences, protein structures; theory and practice of the most common computational tools used in bioinformatics.



  1. Mon 8.1.–22.1. weekly at 12–14, 110C, Agora
  2. Fri 12.1.–19.1. weekly at 12–14, 110C, Agora

Most meetings contain hands-on work, so you are expected to have a laptop computer with you, or be prepared to sit next to someone else's computer.