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Business Analytics I (2018 Spring)

Organisation: ÅAU / Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Xiaolu Wang

Course code: 457607.0

Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
- Introduces business analytics concepts, techniques, issues, applications, and emerging trends
- Includes software-generic exercises and labs along with answers to labs/exercises
- Examines legal and privacy issues
- Explores social media in analytics

The goal of business analytics is to present individuals with data about business in such a way that one can easily make sense of what that data represent and means. But with many businesses, the more data they have on hand, the less it makes sense. Correlating data so that it provides one with an understanding of how the business works, where its pressure points are, and where it is suffering from stress, requires more than just gathering the data into a chart and making it multi-colored. Together, Big Data, high-performance computing, and complex environments create unprecedented opportunities for organizations to generate game-changing insights that are based on hard data. Business Analytics: An Introduction explains how to use business analytics to sort through an ever-increasing amount of data and improve the decision-making capabilities of an organization. Covering the key areas of business analytics, this course explores the concepts, techniques, applications, and emerging trends that professionals across a wide range of industries need to be aware of. Better detection of fraud through visual analytics or better prediction of the likelihood of someone getting an infection while in the hospital are just a few examples of where analytics can play a positive and an important role. As the field of business analytics continues to emerge rapidly, industries need and are hiring experts in this filed. Filling this need, this course is suitable for graduate-level students and undergraduate seniors. This course maintains a focus on only the key areas in business analytics.



  1. Wed 10.1.–7.3. weekly at 8–10, B123, Asa
  2. Wed 10.1.–7.3. weekly at 10–12, B121, Asa