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Data Management (2018 Spring)

Organisation: ÅAU / Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Anssi Öörni

Course code: 457613.0

Learning outcomes:
The course teaches the students 1) to use the relational model to define storage structures and 2) structured query language (SQL) both for retrieval of data and for managing data structures and content. The students also learn to use distributed data storage (Hadoop) and computing (Spark) for analytics. Finally, the students learn to apprise when data integration, data warehousing, or data federation is the best solution for managing multiple incompatible data sources.

The data management course aims at giving the student the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for managing large amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, for the purpose of data analytics. The course uses the relational model as its starting point, and teaches the storage and access structures relevant to relational databases. Then it moves on to discuss distributed databases (Hadoop) and distributed computing (Spark) for data analytics. Special attention is given to techniques for accessing both structured and unstructured data sources, and to joining data when the data sources do not share unique identifiers for data. The approaches of data integration and data federation are discussed in detail and compared against each other.



  1. Tue 20.3.–22.5. weekly at 13–15, B311 Athena, Asa
  2. Thu 22.3.–24.5. weekly at 13–15, B121 Stansen, Asa