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Decision and Business Analytics (2018 Spring)

Organisation: ÅAU / Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Xiaolu Wang

Course code: 457601.0

After completing this course the students should be able to
- understand the role of data analytics in supporting decisions
- identify an analytical technique appropriate to address a given business problem
- understand the limitations and assumptions of different methods
- carry out the analysis using computer software
- communicate and interpret the results of the analyses

The course discusses the most important new tools for understanding the potential impact of analytics on decision making and business performance. The course targets students in Information Systems and Business Adminis- tration. The course will focus on different organizational decision making problems specifically in the context of web analytics and how different ana- lytical methods can be used to improve operational efficiency and financial performance. Software tools (mainly R) will be used in the course to famil- iarize the students with several important methods.



  1. Mon 19.3.–14.5. weekly at 10–12, B329 Mary P. Follett, Asa
  2. Tue 20.3.–15.5. weekly at 10–12, B121 Stansen, Asa