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Medical Instrumentation (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Tero Koivisto

Course code: DTEK8080

Learning outcomes:
To develop an understanding of the measurement principles of medical instrumentation, including sensors and electrodes, amplifiers and measurement of electrical (ECG, EEG) and non-electrical (respiration and blood pressure) parameters as well as medical devices.

Biopotential electrodes and electrode configurations for measurements such as 5-lead ECG. Basics of sensors, operational amplifiers and bioamplifiers. Non-electrical measurements such as flow and volume of blood, respiratory system, blood pressure, sound and movement. Selected biochemical measurements.



  1. Mon 8.3.–26.2. weekly at 14–16, Aud XXII, Agora


  1. Tue 16.1.–27.2. weekly at 12–14, K127, Agora
  2. Wed 17.1.–28.2. weekly at 8–10, K127, Agora
  3. Fri 19.1.–1.3. weekly at 8–10, K127, Agora