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Security Engineering (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Dept. of Future Technologies

Credit Points: 5

Responsible Person: Petri Sainio

Course code: DTEK0039

Learning outcomes:
After the completion of the course the student is able to select suitable and adequate information security solutions to suit the security needs of a particular application. The student knows and is able to administer different ways and methods for protecting and managing different kind of digital material and rights (DRM). After the completion the student is able to specify a system for electronic identification (biometrics) taking into account both the identification accuracy and the proper and secure management and transportation of the identification data (biometric). The student is also able to recognize information security risks caused by subsystems and is able to prevent their occurrences by means of careful information security design of the system.

Access Control, Distributed systems, Multilevel and multilateral security, Physical protection, Biometrics, Physical tamper resistance, Radio frequency emission and security, Copyright and DRM, Managing the development of secure systems, System evaluation and assurance.



  1. Tue 9.1.–27.2. weekly at 16–18, Aud XXI, Agora
  2. Wed 10.1.–28.2. weekly at 14–16, Aud XXI, Agora