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Software Business (2018 Spring)

Organisation: UTU / Turku School of Economics

Credit Points: 6

Course code: TJ093011 TJS1

Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, students are able to employ frameworks drawn from strategic management, international business, and entrepreneurship disciplines to managerial problems of software firms. They are able to craft alternative business models that capitalize on a particular technological innovation. They can identify problems related to growth, internationalization, capital funding and intellectual property rights of such firms. They will also understand threats and opportunities related to the evolution of a company's value network and/or major structural transformation within industry.

The course addresses managerial problems in high-tech firms with a special emphasis on the software industry. The industry is characterized by virtual and knowledge-intensive products and services, global supply chains, complex value networks and highly volatile markets. While technological innovations provide ample business opportunities in such industries, establishing a profitable business in them is far from easy. The course is recommended for students who aim at a professional, managerial or entrepreneurial career in marketing and/or product development processes in IT and high-tech firms.

8–10 ls 01
  • Wed 12–14 ls 01