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Travelling Instructions

TUCS Graduate Programme provides financial support for mobility for all students with either TUCS GP funding or TUCS GS status. In addition to conference trips, it is also possible to receive funding for attending doctoral courses and summer schools.

TUCS travel grants are awarded 3 times during 2015, with the following deadlines:

Note that the trip does not have to fall within the given period, e.g. you can apply for a trip in June already in Round 1, i.e. in January.

Prerequisites for travel support are:

  1. A supporting statement of the supervisor
  2. In case of a conference or workshop trip, a copy of the accepted paper or poster showing the TUCS affiliation (see rules below)
  3. Letter of acceptance (in case of a conference or workshop trip) or confirmation of participation (in case of summer schools)

When applying for a travel grant, the application form (TUCS Travel Grant Application) is to be filled out, including a supervisor's statement and an estimate of the travel costs, and delivered to TUCS office by email (tucs@abo.fi) or as paper copy.

A grant can be applied for either before or after the trip. Note that only one author per paper can obtain TUCS travel support.

TUCS director makes a decision of the grant and the amount granted. The grant will be set on a fixed sum covering all or part of the travel costs. Each of the three rounds of applications has a pre-established budget. Eligible applications that could not be funded because of budget restrictions may be re-considered upon request in the next round of applications. However a partially funded application is not eligible for funding in the next round.

After each travel funded by TUCS we ask the student to write a brief conference report (based on a template available at the Document Templates page) to be published on the TUCS website, serving for visibility purposes and for highlighting the scientific interests of TUCS students.

The student's home department is responsible for the practical arrangements, including travel plans and invoices, as well as all the travel costs. If the application is approved, the real costs or the granted amount, depending on which is less, will be invoiced from TUCS by the department.

TUCS Affiliation

All publications supported by TUCS must include TUCS affilation information. TUCS funded graduate students should use "TUCS - Turku Centre for Computer Science" as the first institutional affiliation under the author's name in all publications (articles, papers, proceedings, abstracts, etc.). After TUCS you may mention the names of other universities/organizations you are affiliated with. Doctoral students on TUCS status should use "TUCS - Turku Centre for Computer Science" as their first or second institutional affiliation under the author's name in all publications (articles, papers, proceedings, abstracts, etc.)