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Here you can download our document templates. You can also clone some of the templates from GitHub. Just click the GitHub logo next to the template download link to find the repository. In GitHub you can contribute your own possible improvements of the template for future users. We also update these improvements to the packages that are directly downloadable here.

Power Point Templates

TUCS Template

tucs_template.pot (139.0 KB)

tucs_template.ppt (158.5 KB)

Styles for Technical Reports

LaTeX style (with instructions): tucsreport_2015.zip (980 KB)
PDFLaTeX style: tucsreport2015pdflatex.zip (30 KB)

MS Word Style

2007_tucs_tr_template.dot (479 KB)

2007_tucs_tr_template.doc (479 KB)

word_tucs_tr_template.dotx (459 KB)

word_tucs_tr_template.docx (460 KB)

Styles for Dissertations

LaTeX Style

tucsdiss_latex_2007.zip (827.6 KB)

tucsdiss_word_2007.doc (213 KB)

tucsdiss_word.docx (208 KB)

TUCS GP Travel Report Template