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Lassi Hietaranta

TUCS Department for the doctoral studies: Åbo Akademi University, Department of Information Technologies

Admitted to TUCS GP on 15.9.2010

Graduate project title:

Modeling and Identification of Linear Time-Periodic Systems

Graduate project abstract:

In this dissertation modeling and identification of periodic dynamical systems are studied. Methods are developed with a special focus on active vibration damping in electric motors and generators. This a significant problem when energy-efficient electric motors and generators are developed. It has been shown that periodic systems exhibit significantly more a complicated dynamic behaviour than non-periodic systems. Identification of accurate enough models and controling of such systems is therefore a non-trivial problem. Therefore the target of this dissertation is to develop practically useful methods for identification and controling of periodic systems.


Hannu Toivonen (Åbo Akademi University, Department of Information Technologies)

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