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Artifact and/or Theory? Publishing Design Science Research in IS

Abayomi Baiyere, Alan Hevner, Shirley Gregor, Matti Rossi, Richard Baskerville, Artifact and/or Theory? Publishing Design Science Research in IS. In: Exploring the Information Frontie, 1–5, AIS Electronic Library, 2015.


With the rising interest in Design Science Research (DSR), it has become crucial to
understand what the acceptable components of a DSR paper are, in order to get
published. Central to this is the ongoing debate on what constitutes an acceptable
contribution in DSR - the artifact, the design theory or both? Two camps have emerged
in this debate, and this panel is setup to engage thought leaders from both sides in a
scholarly discourse. At the end, we aim to have moved a step towards collectively
charting a path for the future of Design Science in the IS discipline.


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