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BioHealth – From Computational Biology and Medical Informatics to Health and Wellbeing

Research area

During recent decades, computational biology, bioinformatics, medical, and health informatics have claimed and successfully established their status as scientific disciplines. They are considered highly relevant for the wellbeing of modern information society. Traditionally, however, these disciplines have focused on different research topics and they have not maintained a dialogue resulting in satisfactory interaction from the point of view of health and wellbeing, the ultimate goals of both individuals and society at large. This TUCS Research Programme aims at establishing such a dialogue by setting up joint activities for the scientific disciplines as well as supporting interaction between academia and the rest of the society.

Research goal

The scope addressed in this initiative stretches over three tiers of varying levels of abstraction. The lowest level is the molecular level, where the research focus is on the interactions of various biomolecules, drugs, and conditions. The next layer is focused on medical and health related phenomena concerning a certain individual. Finally, the uppermost layer is concerned with societal aspects of ICT in health and wellbeing, such as health information systems. Currently, we witness a strong trend towards integrating these aspects, resulting in highly personalized medical treatments and active participation in the preventive, diagnostic, curative, and other processes of the health care system by empowered individuals.

Programme leader

Tapio Salakoski and Ion Petre

Participating TUCS Research Units

External partners

Steering group

Tero Aittokallio Barbro Back Ralph-Johan Back Garry Corthals Attila Gyenesei Jukka Heikkonen Patrik Jones Olli Nevalainen Kalle Parvinen Ion Petre Tapio Salakoski Sanna Salanterä Reima Suomi


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