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UTU Information Systems Science – ISS

The focus of the research activities within the institute lies within understanding the utilization of information and communication technology in enterprises and other organizations. The research conducted within the institute covers most of the key areas of information systems. The research activities can be classified into four themes:

UTU ISS doctoral students belong both to MATTI and TSE Graduate Schools at UTU. In practice, UTU ISS is currently running its doctoral program as part of the TISRA, which is the Turku Information Systems Research Alliance with IAMSR of Åbo Akademi an alliance for advancing IS research.

UTU ISS is a full member and Finnish representative in ERCIS (European Research Center of IS, http://www.ercis.org), and chairs eBerea network that develops research cooperation and researcher exchange with a number of Chinese universities and European Universities (http://eberea.org). The group is active in the International Federation of Information System (IFIP) WG 6.11 Communication Aspects of the E-World; IFIP TC9 WG9.2 Social Accountability and Computing; and IRIS The Scandinavian Chapter of AIS.

The group has joined by visiting professor Mike Newman of Manchester Business School. We also run a number of international conferences.

Leader of the unit

Timo Leino

Senior Researchers

Tomi Dahlberg Jukka Heikkilä Najmul Islam Jonna Järveläinen Kai Kimppa Eija Koskivaara Timo Leino Hongxiu Li Matti Mäntymäki Markku I. Nurminen Hannu Salmela Reima Suomi Mike Newman


Antti Tuomisto Pekka Reijonen

Doctoral Students

Ward Eagen Mikko Hallanoro Eeva Heiro Ari Helin Tuomo Helo Juha Kinnunen Jussi Karttunen Timo Kestilä Jani Koskinen Janne Lahtiranta Katja Laitinen Jari Lehtonen Tingting Lin Jani Merikivi Jaana Mäkinen Marko Niemimaa Jussi Nissilä Janne Ohtonen Pasi Ojala Pirjo Rosti Neeraj Sachdeva Juha Sainio Outi Seppä Jorma Sieviläinen Hannu Siikaluoma Olli Sjöblom Nina Suvanto Kimmo Tarkkanen Jose Teixeira Anne-Marie Tuikka Markku Tuomola Hannu Vahtera Xiaoyu Xu


4D Space

Innovations in retailing industry program. See http://mide.aalto.fi/4D-Space


European Regional Development Fund, 2011-2014, co-supported by City of Turku, Logica Inc. and Turku Science Park Inc. See http://workinformatics.utu.fi/eng/research_projects.html


Digital Engagement: Uncovering the Customer Value of Social Media. Academy of Finland, Matti Mäntymäki.


Enterprise Architecture education workshops for the municipalities of Kaaarina, Lieto, Naantali, Painio, Turku, Health District of Finland Proper, Medbit Ltd.


Exploring the eWOM Credibility: Cases of Online Hoteling Industry in Hainan, studying Word of Mouth Referral on On-line booking behavior and Continued use of services and eWoM effects, National Science Foundation China project (No. 71362027)


Turun seudun IT-strategia; ICT-services co-operation strategy and roadmap for the municipalities of Kaarina, Lieto, Naantali, Paimio, Turku, Health District of Finland Proper, Medbit Ltd., and University of Turku.


European Social Fund, 2008-2011; Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation (2009-2013), co-supported by Trivore Inc., ElanIT Resources, Fujitsu Services, the City of Salo, and numerous companies and organizations. See http://workinformatics.utu.fi/eng/research_projects.html and http://www.ictportti.fi/


Systemic assessment of material recovery and recycling opportunities. See http://www.cleen.fi/en/arvi

SHOK Tivit D2I

(Data to Intelligence) Business modeling and master data management best practices and evaluation, about 40 partners in cosortium. See http://www.datatointelligence.fi/

SHOK Tivit Digital Services

Feasibility and usability tests for the pilot applications developed by the program partners during the project. Motivation theories behind the wellness applications. (http://www.digile.fi/Services/researchprograms/digitalservices)


Development of user experience evaluation process and methodology for healthcare information systems, Logica Plc.


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