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Embedded Computer and Electronic Systems (ECES)

ECES focuses in its research on Internet of Things (IoT), novel massively parallel computing platforms and paradigms, as well as autonomous embedded and cyber physical systems (CPS). ECES publishes annually 30-40 peer-reviewed research papers. The unit collaborates especially with the Embedded Systems Lab and Distributed Systems Lab at TUCS. The key application domains for the research are personal health, safety and well-being. The focus is on application development and implementation tools for multiprocessor platforms developed within the laboratory and wireless sensor networks. Sensors are developed in international cooperation with Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Stockholm, Sweden) and Fudan University (Shanghai, PRC). In addition to international collaboration, ECES cooperates with multiple disciplines within University of Turku to achieve a true multidisciplinary research environment.

Research Unit Web Page: http://computersystems.utu.fi

Leader of the unit

Juha Plosila

Senior Researchers

Pasi Liljeberg Juha Plosila Hannu Tenhunen Tomi Westerlund


Masoud Daneshtalab Thomas Canhao Xu Liang Guang Amir-Mohammad Rahmani Masoumeh Ebrahimi Rajeev Kumar Kanth

Doctoral Students

Fahimeh Farahnakian Mohammad Fattah Hashem Haghbayan Kameswar Rao Vaddina Farhoud Hosseinpour Sergei Dytckov Tuomas Poikela Syed Mohammad Asad Jafri Marco Ramirez Anam Tahir


Data Management of 3D Systems for the Dark Silicon Age (MANAGE)

Academy of Finland, Hannu Tenhunen, 2013-2017.


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