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TUCS Newsletter 19.12.2012

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TUCS activities


TUCS Distinguished Lecture Series

The TUCS Distinguished Lecture Series is a forum for public lectures by outstanding national and international researchers in all aspects of computing, coming both from academia and industry. All lectures are free and open to the public.

The last lecture of the series during fall 2012 was given by Prof. Masakazu Ohashi from Chuo University, Japan on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 13.15. The title of the lecture was "Business and IT operations continuance in Japan after the 2011 earthquake" The lecture was hosted by: Reima Suomi from the University of Turku.

Abstract. A survey conducted local governments and enterprises in disaster-damaged and other areas in Japan concerning the Great East Japan Earthquake and business continuity, looking into how business operations were continued on the occasion of the disaster and what challenges emerged then. Given that the disaster affected business continuity in many cases, local governments and private enterprises both in the disaster-damage areas and others have grown more conscious of business continuity. Many of them have prepared and are considering preparing business continuity plans. However, BCP consciousness and effort gaps have emerged between size groups – between prefectural and municipal governments and between large enterprises and small and medium-sized ones. We must appropriately address these gaps in order to enhance the entire society’s resistance to disasters.

In order to revive societies and economies and reconstruct the livelihood in the disaster-damaged areas and revitalize the entire Japan, the government must make all-out efforts to promote restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake and far-sighted reconstruction efforts including the creation of safe, secure and future- oriented towns using sophisticated ICT technologies.

Biography. Masakazu Ohashi is a professor at Graduate School and Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University, Japan. His research activity covers the system for the next generation networking social systems and Social Design. He is a chair of International Standardization Committee of e-Tendering and Procurement, Executive Board Member of Foundation, Japan Construction of Information Center and Service Center of Port Engineering (e-Tendering and Procurement Center of Public Work) and the top executive of Time Business Form (Time Authentication). He is a vice-president of The Infosocionomics Society in Japan and a member of UN/CEFACT TBG6. He was a president of Web Services Initiative (2004-2007) and Internet Data Center Initiative (2000-2007) in Japan. He published many books and presents papers at the international conferences and journals regarding Authentication and the next generation social systems.


TUCS GP doctoral defences

On Friday, December 14th, TUCS GP student Amir-Mohammad Rahmani-Sane presented his Doctoral thesis "Exploration and Design of Power-Efficient Networked Many-Core Systems" for public criticism. The opponent of M.Sc. Rahmani-Sane was Professor Professor José L. Ayala from Complutence University of Madrid, Spain. Adjunct Professor Pasi Liljeberg acted as the custos at this public defence.
Time: 12 noon
Place: Auditorium Lambda, The ICT Building

On Thursday, December 13th, TUCS GP student Mikko Pelto presented his Doctoral thesis "On Identifying and Locating-Dominating Codes in the Infinite King Grid" for public criticism. The opponent of M.Sc. Pelto was Professor Olivier Hudry from CNRS & Télécom ParisTech, France. Professor Iiro Honkala acted as the custos at this public defence.
Time: 12 noon
Place: Auditorium Cal1, Calonia, Turku

On Wednesday, December 12th, TUCS GP student Ville Rantala presented his Doctoral thesis "On Dynamic Monitoring Methods for Networks-on-Chip" for public criticism. The opponent of M.Sc.(Tech.) Rantala was Professor Timo D. Hämäläinen from Tampere University of Technology. Associate Professor Juha Plosila acted as the custos at this public defence.
Time: 12 noon
Place: Auditorium Lambda, The ICT Building

On Monday, December 10th, TUCS GP student Fredrik Degerlund presented his Doctoral thesis "Scheduling of Guarded Command Based Models" for public criticism. The opponent of M.Sc. Degerlund was Professor Einar Broch Johnsen from University of Oslo, Norway. Adjunct Professor Marina Waldén acted as the custos at this public defence.
Time: 12 noon
Place: Auditorium Gamma, The ICT Building

On Monday, November 26th, TUCS GP student Mats Neovius presented his Doctoral thesis "Trustworthy Context Dependency in Ubiquitous Systems" for public criticism. The opponent of M.Sc. Neovius was Associate Professor Christian Damsgaard Jensen from Technical University of Denmark. Adjunct Professor Luigia Petre acted as the custos at this public defence.
Time: 12 noon
Place: Auditorium Gamma, The ICT Building


TUCS has moved

The TUCS staff new offices in the ICT Building are now:
Director/Lilius B4053
Vicedirector/Petre B5053
Office/Irmeli, A3028
TUCS GP/Outi, A4029
Project Coordinator/Ilona, A4030
Technical Planner/Tomi, A4064


New courses


Courses on transferable skills at University of Turku

Continuous seminars & courses

First Article Language Checking Service
Time: 1.3.-31.12.2012- nb! summer break 15.6.-15.8.2012
Target group: PhD students at the University of Turku working on their first article for publication (in English)
Organizers: The University of Turku Language Centre and UTUGS

Tieteen popularisointi – näin kerron tutkimuksestani (1 op)
Tohtorikoulutettava kirjoittaa väitöskirjatutkimuksestaan lyhyen (max. 4500 merkkiä) ja yleistajuisen jutun, luetuttaa tekstin ensin ohjaajallaan ja jatkaa tekstin työstämistä Suomen Akatemian tiedottajan Risto Alatarvaan kanssa. Valmis juttu julkaistaan Suomen Akatemian Tietysti.fi-sivustolla.
Järjestäjä: UTUGS ja Suomen Akatemia
Lisätietoja: Eeva Sievi (eeva.sievi-at-utu.fi, 040-1612970) ja Risto Alatarvas (risto.alatarvas-at-aka.fi, 040-828 0648)

"Suomen kielen klinikka" for international students and staff
Target group: all non-Finnish speakers at the university who already are at the level of being able to express themselves in written and oral Finnish (=B to C-level)
Further information: Markku Nikulin (marnik-at-utu.fi)
Organizer: suomen kielen oppiaine




Open jobs at University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University

University of Turku: http://www.utu.fi/ajankohtaista/avoimet/
Åbo Akademi University: https://www.abo.fi/personal/rekrytering


Nokia awards

The following Ph.D. students from the Department of Information Technologies at Åbo Akademi University were awarded Nokia Scholarship at Nokia Foundation Award Ceremony 2012:


EIT ICT Labs Master School

Apply now for the EIT ICT Labs Master School!

Two year programme in two universities in two different European countries. Geographical mobility with guaranteed double degrees. Internship programme with leading business partners. No tuition fees for European students, scholarship opportunity.



ICT Showroom

The next ICT Showroom event will be on 7.3.2013! Start preparing your project...

Registration will be open from some time in December to some time in January.


Euroweb second application call open

EUROWEB, European Research and Educational Collaboration with Western Balkans, is a scholarship programme for students on undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral level as well as for university staff in academic or administrative positions, financed by the European Commission. The Erasmus Mundus EUROWEB scholarship offers a unique opportunity for full-financed academic mobility for individuals from the EU and Western Balkans partner countries. The project is part of the large-scale, EU-funded programme Erasmus Mundus Action 2.

The EUROWEB Scholarship Programme is open to selected nationals in EU countries and Western Balkans who want to study or work at one of the partner institutions (see Applicant information). The overall objective of EUROWEB project is to create a partnership in research and education that will strengthen the ties between EU and Western Balkans.

The Consortium includes 17 Higher Education Institutions: 9 in Europe and 8 in Western Balkans. Scholarships are available for mobility from the Western Balkan countries to EU partners and vice versa.

European Partners:

Western Balkan Partners:

The details about partners, and the offer from the partner institutions to EUROWEB applicants, are available under Partner Institutions: http://www.mrtc.mdh.se/euroweb/index.php?choice=partners

The second application call for all mobility types is now open!
The application deadline is February 1, 2013.

More information on the programme can be found here: http://www.mrtc.mdh.se/euroweb/index.php
Apply here: http://www.mrtc.mdh.se/euroweb/index.php?choice=application


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