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TUCS Newsletter 16.1.2012

We are launching a newsletter telling about various issues of current interest to the TUCS community. We are asking all of you to contribute to this newsletter by sending an email to tucs@abo.fi and we will include your news in the following newsletter. The list of topics of interest includes (but is not limited to):

Content of the newsletter


Statistical data 2011

During 2011 there were 13 TUCS PhD dissertations:

We had 10 new PhD students who joined TUCS during 2011:

A number of 323 publications were published during 2011 by TUCS-affiliated researchers (as shown by the TUCS publication database). They include 4 monographs, 69 journal articles and 157 conference articles.


Changes in the funding of doctoral positions in Finland

Academy of Finland has commissioned during 2011 a workgroup to prepare a proposal about the development of doctoral training and the doctoral school system in Finland. The workgroup's final report was published on December 15, 2011 and it can be found at http://www.aka.fi/Tiedostot/Tiedostot/Liitetiedostot/Tohtorikoulutus_joulukuu_2011.pdf. One of the key recommendations of the report is that the funding for doctoral positions is to be distributed in the future through the universities' own graduate schools, rather than through the various doctoral programmes (such as TUCS). A final decision on this matter is yet to be made.


Renewal of TUCS laboratories

TUCS is currently renewing its research laboratories. We launched an open call for applications for new laboratories. The TUCS board will decide on these applications and it will award the TUCS lab status for a 3-year period.


TUCS publication database

We have renewed both the webinterface for submitting publications to the TUCS database (http://tucs.fi/publications/input/) and the webinterface for displaying them (http://tucs.fi/publications/search/). All publications entered into the database are required to have full editorial information.


Alumni, students and supervisors lists

We have added to the TUCS website a list of all our alumni (http://tucs.fi/education/phd/students/) and their former supervisors (http://tucs.fi/education/phd/supervisors/). We are currently working on adding the list of the current TUCS PhD students and their supervisors. All necessary corrections to these lists can be sent to tucs@abo.fi.


TUCS courses as a Google calendar

All TUCS courses for spring 2012 are now available in a Google calendar at http://tinyurl.com/tucscourses-googlecalendar. We kindly ask all lecturers whose course is missing from the list to contact us at tucs@abo.fi.


Travel funding

TUCS has updated its instructions for the application for travel grants. The main change is that there will be 4 application deadlines throughout the year. The deadline for the first application round is Friday 27th of January, and the applicants will be informed of the decision by Friday 3rd of February.


Conference reports

After each travel funded by TUCS we ask the students to write a brief conference report (based on a template that TUCS will provide). The report will include some brief info about the conference/workshop/school and its scientific and social programme.