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TUCS Newsletter 19.3.2012

Content of the newsletter


TUCS Graduate Programme – call for applications

The Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) Graduate Programme is open for applications during 1.3.–31.3.2012.

The TUCS Graduate Programme offers a high-quality academic framework for studying for the doctoral degree in the centre's core areas of expertise:

The prerequisites for applying are good knowledge of English (the required TOEFL/IELTS scores are listed on our website) and a university-level Master's Degree from a University in a relevant field.

Please visit our website for information on the application procedure, the application form and the necessary enclosures. General information about the requirements and the admission procedure can also be found on our website: http://tucs.fi/education/phd/how-apply/

Turku Centre for computer Science (TUCS) is a joint research institute of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. TUCS conducts basic and applied research in computer science, computer engineering, and information systems. Its broad research activities are carried out in 16 research units. Each TUCS GP PhD student gets a supervisor and is placed in one of these research units.

For further information please contact Graduate Programme Coordinator Outi Tuohi (otuohi@abo.fi).


The A.M. Turing award 2011

The A.M. Turing Award, the ACM's most prestigious technical award, is given for major contributions of lasting importance to computing. Recipients are invited to give the annual A.M. Turing Award Lecture. The award is also accompanied by a cash prize of $250,000, which in recent years has been underwritten by the Intel Corporation and Google, Inc. The award is often referred to as the “Nobel prize in computing”.

The 2011 A.M. Turing award was offered last week to Judea Pearl (UCLA, US) for “fundamental contributions to artificial intelligence through the development of a calculus for probabilistic and causal reasoning.”

Link: http://amturing.acm.org/award_winners/pearl_2658896.cfm


INFORTE: Model-based Testing, Tampere 27-28th of March

Register now for the “Model-Based Testing” seminar held on 27-28th of March at http://inforte.jyu.fi/events/MTB. The registration will close on Thursday 22nd of March.

Information about the seminar: Model-Based Testing, Tampere 27-28th of March

Model-based testing is increasing its popularity as an industrial strength testing method for complex systems. Its abilities to automate the laborious test design phase and to achieve higher coverage than conventional testing methods are important drivers in this respect. Moreover, model-based testing has proved to be an effective bug finding method. However, there are issues especially on the modeling side that still need a lot of research. The goal of this seminar is to review different approaches to this technology and discuss the pros and cons of solutions behind tools such as fMBT, OSMO and TEMA.


Location: Työväenmuseo Werstas, Väinö Linnan aukio 8, Tampere. Auditorio on 1st floor.

Credit points for PhD students:
The doctoral student participating in the seminar can obtain one credit point. This requires participating on both days and writing a 1000-word essay on the topic announced in the beginning of the seminar. Deadline for the essay is on 2nd of April at 12:00.

More information about all upcoming INFORTE.fi events can be found at http://inforte.jyu.fi/events.


A Nudge to Entrepreneurship course 2.4. – 31.5.2012

Register now to "A Nudge to Entrepreneurship (3cr)" -course!
Dipoli at Otaniemi Campus, Espoo.2.4.-31.5.2012
DL for registration continued until FRIDAY 23 March 2012.

The course is free of charge for PhD students of Hecse/FIGS/FICS/TUCS/UCIT doctoral programmes:
Required in the registration form: "Additional Information:" "(name of your doctoral program) + EIT ICT Labs / Katri Sarkio"

More information:
Aalto / Small Business Center: Maija Tamburello, p. 040 353 8388, maija.tamburello(a)aalto.fi
http://pienyrityskeskus.aalto.fi/fi/koulutus/course/a_nudge_to_entrepreneurship/More information about receiving the credits on the course.

A Nudge to Entrepreneurship course 2.4. – 31.5.2012

Come and learn about marketing, finance and other crucial business-related subjects. In this training you get hands-on information from distinguished and experienced professionals.

This course is suitable for those interested in entrepreneurship, those who are starting a company or those who already have a company. The course language is English. The price of the whole program is only 120 €. More about the course structure on Small Business Center's website. Please register by 19.3.2012. Do you have a passion and want to turn it into a business?

The training program is designed to help you start a company, plan your business and manage your daily activities. The training is very hands on – we find the essential components for making your business successful, help you manage your customer relations, sales and marketing and also your firm’s financials.

Contents of the course:

1. Turn your idea into an opportunity
Monday 2.4. and Wednesday 11.4. , 9am - 4pm
Trainer: Kari Leisma, Vartek Oy
- How to start up a business
- How to develop your opportunity into a success story

2. See behind the numbers
Thursday 26.4. and Thursday 10.5. , 9am - 4pm
Trainer: Heikki Rannikko, Aalto University
- Understanding essential financial numbers and their backgrounds

3. From invisible to well-known
Thursday 24.5. , 9am - 4pm
Trainer: Seppo Rantalainen, Aalto University
- How to gain visibility for your product/service

4. It's all about sales!
Thursday 31.5. , 9am - 4pm
Trainer: Harri Kari, Innobor Oy
- How to jumpstart your sales

The training is suitable for those interested in entrepreneurship, starting a company or those who already have a company. The course language is English.

The participants of this course have a chance of being accepted into the Aalto Start -Up Center incubator.
The course will be held in the premises of Dipoli at Otaniemi Campus, Espoo.
Please register by 19.3.2012.


Courses on transferable skills at University of Turku

Continuous seminars & courses

First Article Language Checking Service
Time: 1.3.-31.12.2012- nb! summer break 15.6.-15.8.2012
Target group: PhD students at the University of Turku working on their first article for publication (in English)
Organizers: The University of Turku Language Centre and UTUGS

Life after PhD - Seminars in the Spring 2012
Time & Place : 30.1., 5.3., 2.4. and 7.5.2012 (for details, see the programme)
Target group: PhD students, supervisors, other researchers and those interested in the topic
Further information: eeva.sievi(at)utu.fi
Organizer: UTUGS
eRegistration for the seminar on May 7, 2012 (registration deadline April 27, 2012)
eRegistration for the seminar on May 22, 2012 (registration deadline May 14, 2012)

Frontiers of Science Seminars
Time: on Thursdays at 12.00
Place: Mauno Koivisto Centre auditorium, BioCity (Tykistökatu 6, Turku)
Organizers: Biomaterials Research, Centre for Reproductive and Developmental Medicine, Diagnostic Technologies and Applications, Receptor Program, Systems Biology Program, Program for Infection Biology and Infectious Diseases, Doctoral Programmes participating in Turku BioNet

Tieteen popularisointi – näin kerron tutkimuksestani (1 op)
Tohtorikoulutettava kirjoittaa väitöskirjatutkimuksestaan lyhyen (max. 4500 merkkiä) ja yleistajuisen jutun, luetuttaa tekstin ensin ohjaajallaan ja jatkaa tekstin työstämistä Suomen Akatemian tiedottajan Risto Alatarvaan kanssa. Valmis juttu julkaistaan Suomen Akatemian Tietysti.fi-sivustolla.
Järjestäjä: UTUGS ja Suomen Akatemia
Lisätietoja: Eeva Sievi (eeva.sievi-at-utu.fi, 040-1612970) ja Risto Alatarvas (risto.alatarvas-at-aka.fi, 040-828 0648)


Academic Presentation Skills (2 ECTS, KIEN3041)
Time: 5.4., 12.4., 19.4., 3.5. and 10.5.2012 at 8.30-11.45 (with 15 min break)
Place: Room K110, Juslenia
Registration: by March 26, 2012 via eRegistration
Responsible teacher: tba
Organizer: UTUGS

Copyrights and Industrial Property Rights (2 ECTS) - nb! updated programme
Time:12.4., 17.04, 19.4., 24.04., 26.04., 03.05., 08.05. and 10.05. at 14:00 - 16:00
Place: 12.4. and 19.4. in Edu 3, other lectures in Edu 2 (Assistentinkatu 5)
Registration: by March 15, 2012 via eRegistration
Responsible Lecturer: Jari Hovinen
Organizer: UTUGS


Seminar: How to get your article published

This seminar aims to help researchers understand the publisher and editor's perspective in journal publishing and gives practical help and advice on how to write and submit a world class paper.

Ir. Sweitze Roffel, Publisher Computer Sciences, Elsevier, and Floortje Flippo, Account Development Manager, Elsevier, will offer practical manuscript advice, cover a range topics about the review process, and answer your questions.

4.4.2012 kl.10.00-11.30 at TY/Medisiina, Osmo Järvi-auditorium, Kinakvarngatan 10.

Registrations (before March 27th, 2012)


Training sessions: Patent databases and market information sources

Two identical training sessions at 8:30 – 11:30: in Finnish 15th of March and in English 28th of March 2012

Avoid duplication of research efforts. Learn to use patent databases and market information sources when preparing the project plans, during the project and commercializing new technologies. Use patent databases as a regular part of your research.

The learning session will give you tools to follow up patent databases and present sources for market information.

To whom
For researchers, those who are planning the future research programme, and those who are going to apply external funding and those who are going to commercialize the research results.

Content and realization
You will perform searches directly from the databases of the patent authorities of European Patent Office (EPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Also some sources for market information are shown. The learning session will be held in IT class.

DC-Åbo Gripens pc-klass
Åbo Akademi, Gripen
Hämeenkatu 13 B, 1 stair up
Please find Gripen, on the map http://www.utu.fi/kartta/kartta.pdf, building Å2, left and down.

How to enroll
E-mail to anne.backlund@utu.fi or tel. 333 6628 not later than two days before the training session

Organized by
University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University / TULI-program


The Federated Computer Science Event 2012

The Federated Computer Science Event (Yhdistetyt Tietojenkäsittelyn Päivät 2012) is a two-day conference that combines the traditional annual events of three societies in Finland: The Finnish Society for Computer Science, the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland, and the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society. The event will be held on 28-29.5.2012 at the Kumpula campus of the University of Helsinki (UH), and it is organized by the Department of Computer Science of UH.

The theme of the event is "History and Future of Computer Science". We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Finnish Society for Computer Science and the 100th birthday of Turing, as well as consider what the future of computer science could be. The programme of the event consists of invitated talks, presentations based on peer-viewed articles, poster and demo sessions and a dinner at restaurant Kalastajatorppa in Helsinki.

The aim of the event is to get together people representing different areas of computer science. More information on the event, and especially the call for papers of the event can be found at http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/ytp2012.


Monitori 2012 (in Finnish)

The annual health and well-being seminarium Monitori has a registration deadline on April 18th. More information: http://www.turkusciencepark.com/monitori


New developments on the TUCS web site at http://tucs.fi

Recent changes to the service include bread crumb navigation above content text to help point out, where you are on the navigation tree and navigate up. The front page now lists the five latest updated publications in the TUCS Publication Database. The standard page footer has been updated to give quicker access to TUCS contact information. The former page footer had a link named “Intranet”, which is now on the top navigation menu and renamed as “Local”, as these login requiring services are actually closer to the concept of “extranet” than of “intranet”.

The publications in the TUCS Publication Database now have a hyperlink for the DOI resource for those publications where the Digital Object Identifier has been given. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) System is for identifying content objects in the digital environment. DOI names are assigned to any entity for use on digital networks. They are used to provide current information, including where they (or information about them) can be found on the Internet. Information about a digital object may change over time, including where to find it, but its DOI name will not change. The DOI System provides a framework for persistent identification, managing intellectual content, managing metadata, linking customers with content suppliers, facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated management of media. DOI names can be used for any form of management of any data, whether commercial or non-commercial. The DOI System is an ISO International Standard.

On TUCS GP Student pages we now display the admission date to the programme, as well as the graduate project title and abstract, extracted from the Study Reports, as promised in the previous newsletter.

Also the TUCS Facebook Page has been updated into the new Timeline format.


Open jobs at University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University


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